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Unit Editions are my new favourite publisher. By offering amazing books on graphic design and a whole host of other visually stimulating content, it’s easy to see why they are. It’s a collaboration fronted by Adrian Shaughnessy (make sure you spell it right!) and Tony Brook of Spin (who are also an amazing source of inspiration, I’m sure I’ll be making a post feature of them at some point in the near future).

Their books all have amazing content and feel like they were created with love, from their layouts to paper stocks they certainly are for designers by designers. I recently bought and read ‘Studio Culture’ and it is honestly one of the most insightful books on design I’ve ever read. Shaughnessy is one of the best design writers out there and it shows in their books, they are a joy to read and are great for both professionals and students alike. As a side note I recommend any designer or aspiring designer to read Shaughnessy’s ‘How To Be A Graphic Designer Without Loosing Your Soul’ I’ve read it countless times and with each I’ve learned something new.

So if this doesn’t convince you to check their stuff out, the fact that they have 50% off of a load of their books and posters at the moment should.